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Validator (Evmos)

SpaceFi community co-built a validator on Evmos named We encourage the community to participate in Evmos and zkSync ecosystem building and governance. There’ll be delegator points for stakers, based on staked amount, time and number of voting. ( Space Validator Incentive )
What is Delegator Point:
Delegator Points is an evaluation of contribution, based on your staked amount, time and governance participation.
Delegator Points = staked amount A * A days / 10 + staked amountB * B days + … + number of voting * 100
eg. You staked 1000 $EVMOS for 30days, and staked another 500 $EVMOS for 25days. Also, you voted twice on governance.
Your Delegator Points = 1000*30/10+500*25/10+2*100=4450
Use of Validator Points:
It can be used in validator incentive such as airdrop, WL and NFT. What's more, some interesting ideas such as delegator NFT, soulbound are in cooking. Let's co-build it.