Starter is Space's incubation and fundraising platform. You can stake USDT, ETH or LP of SPACE-USDC, etc. to get a share of the project token at the initial offering price. Eventually you will receive the project tokens and the project will receive USDT (the raised SPACE will be burned).

Public and Private

  • Public, all users can participate.

  • Private, only addresses that are whitelisted can participate.

Coins used for Starter

Single coin: Use USDT, ETH, Evmos, Celo, etc. to participate in SPACE initial issuance.

LP token: Participate in the project subscription with SPACE-USDC, SPACE-Evmos, SPACE-Celo, etc. and get the corresponding share of the project token. The SPACE raised will be burned.

What happens if Starter does not raise all the target funds?

The sale will continue and all funds invested will receive an appropriate share of project tokens. Any excess project tokens will be burned.

Want to launch your own IDO?

Space is a cross-chain web3 platform with DEX+NFT+Starter+Spacebase on Evmos and zkSync. Use Space Starter to launch your project and bring your tokens directly to the most active communities and full services.

Starter application

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