SpaceFi Intro

On November 1st, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the concept of Bitcoin. Since then, crypto world has been flourished. We are a group of crypto enthusiasts from different cultures and backgrounds around the world, who want to launch a widely participatory crypto experiment. Diving into crypto, just as exploring space. So, we name it SpaceFi.

SpaceFi is the DeFi hub on zk-Rollups with DEX+NFT+Spacebase+Launchpad, exploring the Layer2 ecosystem.

SpaceFi is deployed on zkSync Era now, and also runs separately on Evmos as an exploration in Cosmos ecosystem.

zkSync is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum that offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. It’s a scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum, based on zero-knowledge proof technology.

Evmos is the EVM hub on Cosmos. It will not only bring EVM developers into Cosmos eco, but also works with Celestia to bring modular and interoperable cross-chain solutions to EVM ecosystem.


Space has created a fully integrated system that strives to create sustainable chemistry between the products. In the Space universe, you can earn DeFi rewards through liquidity mining, trading mining or minting SPACE tokens into NFTs for higher revenue, transaction fee dividends, premium trading, and governance rights, etc. At the same time, you can also create a Spacebase, invite fans and friends to join, both sides get additional rewards. Space will also be on the Starter platform to incubate and support outstanding ecological projects, and jointly build Space.

1. Decentralized trading platform: SpaceSwap

  • Low fees and efficient

Space runs on zk-Rollups, with low transaction costs and faster transaction speed.

  • Cross-chain ecosystem

Space is multichain deployed and will be a bridge among layer1 ecosystems.

  • Multiple Value Capture

SpaceSwap transaction fee will be used for LP rewards, buyback-and-burn, NFTs dividends, etc. Traders can also receive transaction fee mining rewards.

2. Mining Rewards

  • Farm

By staking single coin and LPs in the Farm, you can get mining rewards. Staking NFTs will give you even higher mining rewards.

  • Transaction Fee Mining

By using SpaceSwap, you can also get additional transaction fee mining rewards, even much higher than the fees themselves.

3. NFT System

  • NFT Minting

Space NFT is not just a collection, but a set of NFT systems with strict token mechanism design. With SPACE tokens, you can mint primary NFTs, and combine multiple NFTs to mint higher level NFTs.

  • Bonus, Staking and Marketplace

As an NFT holder, you can earn Space multiple transaction fee dividends. Staking NFTs for mining will also give you higher rewards. You can sell NFTs on the market and earn high premiums.

4. Starter

Starter is Space's incubation and fundraising platform. You can use SPACE tokens to participate in the early-stage investment of quality projects.

5. Spacebase

Spacebase is Space's on-chain community, create or join Space Base to earn more mining rewards. Groups can participate in base PK to get special honors and rewards.

Project Feature

A more scientific and comprehensive token system

Compared to other trading platform or NFT projects, Space has a more scientific token system that greatly enhances sustainability.

  • Liquidity mining for market makers, transaction fee mining for traders, a comprehensive combination of the two, which facilitates the development of user habits and Space's early start-up.

  • Space's token system has an NFT system in addition to the core token SPACE. From fungible tokens to non-fungible tokens, the process of producing fungible tokens makes the entire token system more dynamic.

  • The Starter platform allows SPACE holders to get investment opportunities in quality projects, while quality projects can attract new users and diversify values into the Space ecology.

A practical and valuable NFT system

In the Space universe, NFT is no longer a gimmick or a speculative tool, but a system of value with a rigorous token mechanism. NFT has a rich variety of categories and different functions, as well as the ability to combine and upgrade, and other scenarios yet to be unveiled. Whether you are a newcomer to NFT or a veteran of trading and collecting NFTs, there is ample room for experimentation.

On-chain community with fission propagation

SpaceBase quickly maps off-chain communities to on-chain through fission propagation, which not only promotes communication among users, but also can stimulates more vitality and value through activities like base PK.

A colorful and evolving ecology

Space is not just a trading platform or a place to trade and use NFT, it is a vast world, a metaverse in the early stages of construction, with more features to be developed. The tokens or NFTs you hold may have a new value in the next board that opens up.

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