With Space farms, you can earn Star rewards by staking single coin, LP tokens (liquidity pool), NFTs and etc. Each farm pool has its own APR depending on the value of the staked tokens, the reward weight and the price of Star.

Stake Star, Evmos and other single coins to participate in farming and get Star rewards.

Stake LP tokens such as STAR-EVMOS, STAR-USDC, etc. to participate in farming and get Star rewards.

Mint and stake different levels of NFT to get higher rewards than regular farming.
** Some pools may have special rules, for instance, if the staking is withdrawn within 30 days, then 50% of the farming reward is taken as the handling fee. 70% of the handling fee goes into the planet NFT bonus pool, and 30% goes into the DAO treasury lock-up, which is reserved for ecological development.

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