Spacebase is Space's on-chain community. By creating or joining Spacebase, you can additionally get more mining rewards. Better yet, you can form a group to participate in base PK to get special honors and rewards.

Create Spacebase

To create a Spacebase, you need a certain amount of SPACE (the number will be adjusted). The default is 10 memberships. If you need more places, you can purchase additional places with SPACE. Of the SPACE you pay, 90% will be burned directly and 10% will be used as a handling fee. Of which, 70% of the fee will go into the dividend pool for NFT holders, and 30% will go into the DAO treasury to be locked up for ecological development reserve.

Spacebase Bonus

You can invite fans or friends to join your Spacebase and both of you will receive an additional 5% mining bonus. For example, if A creates a spacebase and invites B, after that B stakes 10,000 USDT assets to mine for 10000 SPACE bonus. Then both A and B will receive an additional 500 SPACE bonus.

Spacebase PK

You can also form a group to participate in Spacebase PK and get special honors and SPACE awards such as TOP Base and Popularity Award according to Spacebase TVL, number of members, etc.


In the future, Spacebases will be upgraded to special NFTs to play. More use scenarios in DAO governance and Space games, so stay tuned.

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