SpaceSwap is an exchange with an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that offers low rates and efficient decentralized trading where you can trade or provide liquidity for profit.

Decentralized trading

Everything you do on SpaceSwap is routed directly through your own wallet, no need to trust someone else with your coins.

Liquidity Pools

By adding liquidity to SpaceSwap, you will receive LP tokens as reward. When users swap, you earn the LP tokens for the trading fee rewards.

Allocation of trading fees

When you trade with SpaceSwap, you pay 0.3% of trading fee, which is allocated as follows.
0.15% - directly allocated to the liquidity provider
0.05% - buyback and burn Star
0.05% - buyback Star and allocate to NFT and DAO treasury (70% to NFT for dividends, 30% to DAO lock-up)
0.05% - development and operating funds for project operating expenses and eco new project investment incubation

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity Mining, also known as Yield Farming, stake your LP tokens to Farm, participate in liquidity mining, and earn Star rewards.

Trading Mining

By trading, you can participate in trading mining and earn STAR rewards based on transaction volume. A percentage of the block rewards is allocated to the trading mining reward pool, allocation is based on your trading volume and the reward weighting of each trading pair.
* At the beginning of Space's launch, trading mining is temporarily in the testing stage and has not been officially opened. The trading mining rewards produced by the block will be locked in the trading mining rewards pool, and the data is open and transparent. When officially opened, the trading mining rewards accumulated during the period will be airdropped to users who have previously traded.