🌉SPACE Bridge

SPACE Bridge is specially designed for transferring SPACE/xSPACE/Planet NFT between different chains, currently Evmos and zkSync Era.

According to community discussions, the development of the bridge between zkSyncEra and Evmos is stopped and closed.

Transfer Rate

When transferring SPACE/xSPACE, there'll be a bridge fee (5%, adjustable), marked as Transfer Rate, to maintain the balance of different chains. Planet NFT won't.

The token in the original chain will be burned and a corresponding amount of token will be issued in the target chain as native token.

An amount of SPACE will be charged as the gas fee for bridging.

Burn and Bonus

90% of bridge fee will be burned and 10% will be allocated to NFT Bonus (70%) & DAO (30%) in the original chain.

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